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Buju Banton, Sean Paul, Shenseea And More Perform ‘From The Block’

By Ghost Writer

November 3, 2023

Sean Paul, Shenseea, and Buju Banton are among the Reggae and Dancehall acts featured on a Jamaica edition of the ‘From The Block’ series, powered by 4 Shooters Only.

Fittingly repping her home country with the National Flag around her neck, Shenseea has reminded the world that she is more than just a pretty face…but a lyricist, too. She jumped right on the rhythm delivering catchy lyrics to the performance she dubbed Beama.


Other Jamaican superstars as well as emerging acts were also given a mic from the ‘From the Block’ producers to show off their talents.

Grammy Award winner Sean Paul performed his classic Gimme The Light. His vocals surely sounded as smooth as they did when the track premiered in 2002.

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