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Etana Teams Up With Producer ‘Flava’ McGregor For Dancehall Track ‘Mirror’

“Mirror is about self-love and self-acceptance, it is about knowing and loving thyself. The single may come off as a wee bit raunchy, but it has a great message because if people don’t accept themselves more, then they can’t flourish as individuals and embrace their inner greatness. How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself first? If you love yourself, then you can love more,” she mused.

The Strong One also added that some of “the most beautiful women live in the garrisons”.

“They just aren’t told how beautiful they are most times. When you know you are beautiful yuh step out strong and confident, and who can break that? People can say what they want, like the song says, ‘dem a watch me and me nah study dem’,” she said.

McGregor, more popularly known by his alias DJ Flava or Flava McGregor, produced Etana’s hit song I Am Not Afraid in 2008. The two reunited again for the single Ganja Lovers in 2019.

The new single is a dramatic departure from Etana’s roots-rock sound. The in-your-face lyrics go: “Dem nuh like me and me nuh like dem, dem a mi enemy, me an dem nuh fren. Dem nuh like me and mi nuh like dem, dem a watch me an mi nah study dem.”

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